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Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is a unique and complimentary* experience at The Purple Platypus. We actually love to do it and you can probably tell by the way we ask, "would you like us to gift wrap this for you today?" We use designer, high quality paper and top each gift with our curled and twisted firework bow. For us, it's like putting the sprinkles on the cupcakes and nothing makes us happier than to help you decorate gift tables at parties, showers, and yes, we also cover weddings. As Jody always says, "a couple who plays together, stays together." "We love that store!" is the excitement a gift from The Purple Platypus brings. And we love you too.
*Gift wrapping is available on regular priced items purchased in store or through our online shop only. Special sales, coupons, or discounts may exclude our complimentary gift wrap.

Personal Shopper

If you're like us, a Personal Shopper is one more thing you need to make life a little easier. If you would like a personal shopping experience, please contact us at 570-524-0199 or

Customized Gift Packages

One of our best kept secrets is our Customized Gift Package service. We've been doing this for years, and every package has been extra special, wrapped and protected, shipped and delivered with the utmost care. For our customers who wish to set a price for a gift, we pull together the best display of items for your exact need. We stay connected to you the along the way so you feel connected to the gift from start to finish. We share descriptions, styles, themes, and all of the details to help you decide if you'd like us to include it or chose something else. Every decision made ensures that you receive the same service out of our store as you would in person. That's important to and a priority to us. If you would like a Customized Gift Package, please contact us at 570-524-0199 or

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