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Personal Shopping

Let our experts help you pull off the perfect gift! We truly love personal shopping for our customers. Whether you're shopping in store with us, emailing or calling in your request, we're going to make your gift purposeful, appropriate, and beautiful. We're told time and time again that it is a huge savings in both time and money to help select and prepare gifts for customers. 

Here's what some our customers have said,
"I needed some gifts for my nieces and nephews, but I needed help with ages and stages. I shared a few details about their interests and the team at The Purple Platypus took it from there. They stayed well within my budget and had everything gift wrapped when I arrived to pick it up. The items were so unique and such a hit! Definitely my go-to for gifts. Thank you Purple Platypus!" -J.L.

"I love unique gifts, but I just don't have the time to go searching. Using your personal shopping service is incredible. First, my gifts ARE unique. MY friends and family live all over the country so it's a treat to share something they wouldn't normally get to see plus they can always tell how much thought went into it. Second, my gifts arrive at their destination wrapped and ready for the party, even when I can't be there. Now, I never miss a birthday or baby shower. Third, is that I get to shop local and support a small business. I'm so thankful for the team at The Purple Platypus." R.C.

"Thank you for making an outstanding baby shower gift! I had been a long time since I'd purchased baby items, and I couldn't be more appreciative of the time you took to help me. Everyone at the shower couldn't wait to see what was in The Purple Platypus bag. What a special treat, thank you again." -A.K.

"Thank you so much for making my grandson's day! I couldn't be there to celebrate with him, but I wanted him to know how special he is and how much he means to us. Thank you Purple Platypus!" -G.M.

"I was actually calling The Purple Platypus on my way to the party. On very limited time, they helped me over the phone select and pay for my gifts. They had everything wrapped when I arrived plus they brought it out to my car, curbside. They even filled out my birthday card! Definitely a lifesaver and saved my day." -S.S.

If you would like us to personally help you in your gift selections, please call us or complete the form below.

Personal Shopper Form

Thank you for the privilege in helping to make your gift selections. Using the details that you provide, we will customize products to fit the gift recipient. We'll do our part to get it right the first time, but please know that prior to purchase you will have the option to say "it's perfect" or "let's change this" so that you can be fully satisfied. Please plan accordingly for your personal shopper as we cannot guarantee to fulfill last minute requests. For best use of this service, please notify us a minimum 1-2 weeks in advance, especially for larger customized gifts. We put a lot of thought into this and we want to make sure it's not rushed. We also need to allow time for wrapping, packing, shipping, and delivery.
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